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Welcome to GBEX, LLC!

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 High Quality, Environmentally Friendly, Green Packaging

 GBEX is a proud MBE/EDGE certified distributor of BioGreenChoice manufacturing.

 BioGreenChoice is a manufacturer of high quality, environmentally friendly, green packaging products. Highly specialized in biodegradable and 
 compostable food service packaging and disposable products. BioGreenChoice products are ideal
 for use in hospitals, corporate cafeterias,
 universities, restaurants,
schools, and homes. All BioGreenChoice products are made from annually renewable resources like sugarcane, corn,
 and other materials.
These products are sustainable alternatives to plastics and styrofoam and are certified by the Biodegradable Product
 Institute (BPI) for compostability.




 Our products are the
 true green alternative to plastic,
 styrofoam, and recycled
 packaging. As corporations
 and consumers alike
 demonstrate greater concern 
 for the environment and
 demand safe, all-natural products,
 this is simply the 
 most logical option
 available today.    


Switching from petroleum-based
current packaging to Green packaging is
seamless. There are nearly 100
products available to customize 
with a specific design, color,
or logo. These green
products, when
compared to
current packaging,
offer little or
no price differential.


Because they are made entirely
from renewable resources like
sugarcane and corn, our
green products are biodegradable
and compostable. They are a
zero-waste alternative to the
plastics and chemicals
overwhelming landfills. Green,
environmentally friendly products
are the natural choice
for a sustainable future.